Server Connection issues (with instances) and other comments & questions

Dec 8, 2010 at 6:12 PM
Edited Dec 8, 2010 at 6:43 PM

Hi, it seems that this doesn't work with server based packages on sql named instances?

I have packages deployed to my sqlserver (on an instance if it matters) mymachinename\dev2008r2

The folders are ETL\Package

The UI allows me to select the package (Package Location = Server) and it lists all the folders and I select the package I want. I then get a message "Unable to find the specified file" - although it just allowed me to pick it! Package Path is set correctly. If I then click OK and then try to go back into the property editor, I get "Cannot show the editor for this task" - Unable to find the specified file.

I wonder if it is dealing with the instance correctly (with the way that it is storing it all on one row) - how does it know if it is an instance or not? My PackagePath is mymachinename\dev2008r2\ETL\Package .. I suspect it is going just to mymachinename and then trying to get package dev2008r2\ETL\Package. Really there needs to be a way to delimit between the server and the path (other than the first \)

Bug: if you choose an incorrect server name it doesn't error, just returns you to the main dialog

Comment: This appears to have all the functionality of the standard Execute Package Task except there is no "ExecuteOutOfProcess" option which I have heard is useful in many cases. However maybe the mechanism this is using won't allow it?

Question: Does this mean that we don't need to use Parent Package Variable Configurations at all? I.e. the mapping is done directly through the component?

Comment: Can the assembly name be changed to something more meaningful for the component? SSIS.Tasks.dll is somewhat generic!

Question: Is the 2008r2 version source published here? It looks like the most recent ChangeSet have the dates of the earlier version?

Dec 9, 2010 at 6:54 AM


Thanks for the feedback.


I never tested with a named instance and what you describe is definitely a bug in how I store and parse the connection string.


There is currently no  execute out of process option... never really thought about it but will definitely look into it:-)


I can indeed publish using a different assembly name.  The source for the 2008 R2 version is identical with only the references changing and the compiler set to .Net 3.5...  Looking at building a new version of the component with the final release R2 libraries soon.


Regarding the Parent Package Variable Configurations:  You are correct, you will not need them anymore.  The whole point of this component was to overcome shortcomings with configuration passing.  Configuration files passed using the command line (like when executing from a SQL job) does not get passed to child packages.  Also, when passing values into a child package using Parent Package Config Variables,  it is not possible to return values from the child package to the parent package.

So this component will allow you to return values from as well as send values to the child package and will allow you to map connections from the parent package to the child package.


That said, executing out of process will most likely break the connection passing...

Dec 10, 2010 at 4:36 PM

Thanks Phil, I have fixed the server issue by adding in an additional property to hold the server variable. The main cosmetic difference is that the server is no longer in the treeview control, just the folders and packages.

I've also renamed the assembly to Enhanced Execute Package Task, changed the GUIDs & Snk's etc - so it basically behaves like a new component.

I'll test it for a few days and if all goes well I'll upload as a patch or send you the code. I've tried to keep to your naming conventions etc.

I understand that the next version of sql server (denali) will have a method similar to this component for executing other packages.