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Special Thanks
Special Thanks goes to Brett Gerhardi for his input and efforts in the last few months to continue development on this component. The latest release features a whole stack of changes done by him. Thanks Brett!

Project Description
The enhanced execute package task allows you to pass variables to a package as well as return values and pass database connection information from one package to another, making it possible to refactor your SSIS packages.

While the standard execute package task does make it possible to pass variables into a package, it does not allow you to return values. This was the original reason for developing this task. Later I found that configuration becomes a problem when executing packages from other packages and so I decided to add the option of passing connection information into a package. Read more about why and how here:

I have created discussions of Bugs, New Features and General Feedback. Please tell me what you like, what you don't like, How/Why you are using this component (or why not for that matter) and PLEASE tell me if/when you find bugs.

Consider it to be ALPHA software. -edit- While I have not found any real bugs while using it myself (yes there is room for improvement on the user interface), I believe there could still be a few in there. So until I get more testing information I will leave the status as alpha.
Current Release is 32-bit, for SSIS 2005 and SSIS 2008R2 (check out releases)

Yes, I finally got round to creating a 2008 R2 version of the component. The code is basically the same, only pointing to new versions of the SSIS assemblies. Build is also done in .Net 3.5 for the 2008 R2 version.
Build and testing was done on the August 2009 CTP of SQL2008R2.

Feedback/suggestions/requests are welcome.

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